Champagne Duperrey



Champagne Duperrey comes from one of France’s most significant family-owned Champagne houses, G.H. Martel & Co. Since its foundation in 1869, the tradition of The House remains the same where extraordinary care is given to the winemaking process.


Named after fearless French explorer Louis Isidore Duperrey (1786–1865) who circumnavigated the globe in his ship La Coquille, Champagne Duperrey embodies centuries of craftsmanship and tradition.






Finest vineyards in Champagne, including Premier Cru vineyards, are selected to make this exceptional Champagne. The attractive and harmonious blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir allows Champagne Duperrey to express a wide array of characters, with creamy notes from malolactic fermentation.


Join us and raise a glass to celebrate the good life with a true expression of an authentic French Champagne suitable for every occasion.







Champagne Duperrey